Saturday, July 30, 2011

Only Listen

Only listen and we are here. Open up to the love we feel for you and you will never be alone. Allow our encouragement and guidance always to be in your ear and your spirits will never flag. We are here for you eternally.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Human BEingness

Everyone is flawed. Everyone is imperfect. That's what's so perfect about it. You are all on your journey to soul essence. You are all on the journey of human BEing. Be happy. Try things. Release all self-consciousness and find your way to self-beingness. From there it's only a small step to selfless, egoless essence. But don't worry. You can come around as many times as you like. Enjoy the wonders of your three dimensional universe and allow glimpses into the other, infinite dimensions. Why not have some fun? Why not relax? Whyever not? It's your birthright, your garden of eden, your truth.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Be a Beacon

Oh, it's so simple. Just open your heart. Just allow the love within you to pour out. See your fellow creatures as children of god-source. Whatever you label as misbehavior is pain, pain, pain. Have compassion, send love, be a beacon. All is well. All is well. All is well.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stand In Your Power

If you allow it, you will come into your full power now. Approach the idea with confidence and self-trust. Stand in the sunshine and allow the god-presence to shine through you. Share with others your experience of feeling powerful. No need for justification or explanation. Simply share your experience and you will be an example to those who are ready to join you in that god-space. You are among the vanguard of healing, and you are driving the next giant step in the evolutionary road. Stand in your power and shine, calmly, confidently, and with love.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Have Some Fun

How about just having some fun today? You don't have to be so serious! You don't have to work on yourself every minute! Everything is perfectly fine. Joy and relaxation are their own reward. It's a beautiful world. Enjoy it!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Lift your head up. Walk with assurance and self-confidence. Meet people with a smile and a greeting from your heart. Open your eyes to the wonderful beings in your sphere. Allow them into your life, into your heart of hearts. Only by allowing do you create intimacy and connection. Only by allowing do you assuage your loneliness. Loneliness is not inherent, it is learned. Open up and allow.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Beautiful Limitless Earth

When was the last time you went outside, not just from building to car to building? When was the last time you had nothing to walk on but the earth? When was the last time all you heard were the sounds of nature? You need the giving earth, you need the babbling brook, you need the roar of the ocean, you need the smell of the pines, you need the singing birds. Get out of town and breathe. Allow the beautiful limitless earth to nourish you, renew you, energize you. You need the earth.

Friday, July 8, 2011

When Someone Dies

When someone dies, of course you grieve. Of course, you are sad. When someone dies young, of course you rage against fate, against god. When someone dies, of course, you want to understand. Only realize that all those feelings and thoughts come from the physical part of your soul's expression - the part of you that is completely identified with the physical form you are now manifesting. You are the soul within and without, however, and so is your loved one. There is no death in death. Only sloughing off of the physical form. From the karmic perspective, there is a reason for this death, which you might never know, in fact can't know fully while you are still in physical form. Please allow whatever feelings arise for you, please allow the grief process to take its course. It will bring you to peace if you let it. But when you allow the quiet voice within to reassure you about the eternity of existence, the oneness of all, then the peace can come sooner and more deeply. When you miss your loved one, simply get quiet and invite them in. You will sense their presence in some way. Our eternal spirits have no limitations of time or space or energy. So we can be doing our growth work in spirit, even incarnating again, and still come to you as you knew us whenever you need and are willing to receive our visit. Be open and your loved ones will come.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Within You

Where is your peace? Within you. Where is your joy? Within you. Where is your love? Absolutely within you and all around you, for love, peace, joy, these are the things you are made of these are the things that bless you and with which you bless the world. All else is ego, all else is anxiety, all else is folly. Find the joy, peace, love within you. Let it pour from you like sunshine. All are blessed. All are loved.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Laugh Laugh Laugh

You are blessed with an invaluable gift--your sense of humor. When you are laughing, you cannot worry. When you are laughing, you cannot judge. Feel the laughter well up from within. Laugh at yourself most of all, with good will and comapssion. With laughter comes release, a sharing of the universality of the human condition. Laugh laugh laugh and then notice the big sigh that comes at the end. Aaaahhhh.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day

Declare your own independence day. Declare your independence from worry, from judgment, from ill-feelings, from anger. Declare your independence from everything that separates you from light and pleasure and happiness and your own true loving nature. Recognize your interdependence with others. Share your joys and sorrows with others and allow them to share their joys and sorrows with you. We are all connected and we all come from source energy which is love. Show that beautiful light inside of you.